problem with a pattern

Good morning, I am wondering if any of you are familiar with a pattern from the book, Favorite Socks ,25 timeless Designs. The pattern is "Two-Yarn resoleable socks “by Wayne Pfeffer .I have managed to get to the “Shape Gussets and begin the Sole” part, but Row 3 and 4 are the issue, I have tried following this direction and seem like only one side is decreasing? Row 4 seems to have a"mistake” row 3 states to K2tog and ssk last sole st with the next instep st, ,perfect but when i go back to the other side Row 4 states purl to the last sole st,P2tog last st with next instep st ,This sie of the gusset is not decreasing? Can someone help me ,maybe i just am not understanding this direction.

In each row you’re working together the last sole stitch with the next instep stitch.
So for row 3 knit across the row to the last sole stitch then k2tog with the next instep stitch.
For row 4, purl across to the last sole stitch then p2tog with the next instep stitch.
That will attach the sole to the instep.

There is an errata page for this book but it lists the patterns by page number. What page is your pattern on?

Hi, thanks for the reply, after reading and re reading and re reading ,I finally got it(after posting for help). The pattern is on page 47. finally finished the project, they are a bit big so i am going to try it again on the same needles but 44 CO sts. Thanks for the reply , again, i seem to make life more complicated than it needs to be.

We all do that at times! Glad you finished and have the experience of working through the pattern. Good luck with the smaller pair.

Thanks and thank you for answering .