Problem with a pattern

Hi again.

I am knitting that bolero and I have starte to knit the left front.

I have reached the point where I have to increase 1 stitch at the center front edge. Is the center front edge the center of the left front piece that I am knitting? I am a little bit confused.

Thank you

The center front is the edge where the two fronts of the bolero will meet. It’s the edge that has been increasing in previous rows. The opposite edge (the beginning of the RS row) is called the side seam edge in this pattern.
What pattern are you working?

This is the pattern that I am working on:
o the center front edge is the edge of the piece that I have been casting on;

Yes, the same edge that you have used to cast on sts for the left front.
Can you edit your post please (use the pencil icon in the lower right) to delete most of the pattern please? There are copyright problems if we post large sections of patterns. I couldn’t find the pattern but the directions are the kind that you see for bolero increases.

I have finished my bolero. Thank you so much for your help.
I am sending you a photo

So elegant and lovely! Wonderful work and it is the perfect top for the dress. Thanks so much for the photo; it’s a treat to see.

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Love that colour .