Problem w/ Watercolor Wrap

Has anyone tried this pattern in [COLOR=black]Knitting the Easy Way[/COLOR]? It’s a lace wrap with an “Old Shale” lace border. It begins w/192 cast on and here are the the 2 repeat rows: Row 2) With yarn in front of work, slip 1, slip slip knit decrease, knit to first marker, YO, knit to 2nd marker, YO, knit to last 3 stitches, knit 2 TOG, knit 1. 2) W/ yarn infront of work slip one, knit to end of row. The border has TONS of increases and decreases. The diagram and picture of the wrap indicates a triangle shape - longer in back and shorter over arms. My question is: Where are the decreases? If I do 144 rows of the above 2 row pattern, aren’t I going to have a big rectangle? If anyone can interpret this or better yet, has knitted it, please share your knowledge!


I think this might be a Faroese shawl, from what I gather from a comment on the one blog post that had semi-definite info on what might be the pattern you’re talking about. Depending on where the markers are, you will probably end up with more of a butterfly shape with those repeats. Imagine if your two yo’s were next to each other in the middle of the shawl: you’d have a big chevron shape, because the stitches between the increase and the decrease would be on a slope. Now imagine spreading those yo’s out; the space between them will be level, and the sides will slope. That should give you the butterfly shape of a Faroese shawl: a rectangle panel in the middle, and triangles on the sides. :slight_smile:

That is for sure the same pattern. My book is spiral bound (on sale from Borders) and has more than 25 patterns, but I recognize the patterns on the front of the insert. The wrap is gorgeous, and I probably will go back to it but now have begun a simpler lace wrap where you start with 3 cast on stitches and build with y/o’s all the way up. Much easier to see the shape you are making. And I will put a simpler border than the Old Shale border the watercolor wrap has - that pattern was pretty complicated and surely would make me crazy. Thanks again for your help!