Problem uploading pictures

What’s the deal with the image uploader? I can’t get it to work!!!

And when will this be fixed?


The attachment isn’t working at this time as you’ve noticed. The forum owner, Sheldon, has not been able to fix it yet. However if you use a site like Flickr you can still put pictures just fine. The link in my signature will explain how.

Thank you for the information, but I don’t Flickr (heck, I don’t even glow)!

Flickr is easy and free. At least use it for now.

I talked to Sheldon and he’s going to look into the attachment problem, but he said he’s changed nothing on the forum side. What is probably happening is browser incompatibility. Even if it’s worked fine till now it can happen with an update. When Sheldon gets more time from work they are most likely going to update the forum. For now though… Flickr it! :hug:

You can also use Google’s Picasa. I like it better than Flickr, and it’s free too.