Problem understanding pattern

Hi everyone

This is my first post here. And I really need help (cry). I recently started on a gorgeous sweater pattern by Quince and Co’s Isabell Kraemer but to my dismay I pretty much instantly got stuck. I think I might not be reading the pattern correctly, but I can’t seem to get unstuck, so any help is welcome. The pattern uses german short rows and the beginning goes as follows:

With shorter circular needle (circ) and using the long-tail cast on, CO 131 sts. Do not join.
Begin at neck edge
First row place markers: (WS) (Sl 1, k1) two times,
p20 sts for right back, place marker (pm), p15 sts for right sleeve, pm, p53 sts for front, pm, p15 sts for left sleeve, pm, p20 sts for left back, (k1, sl 1) two times.

Begin saddle shaping and short rows
Right back
Short row 1: (RS) K1, sl 1, k1, p1, knit to 2 sts before marker (m), (M1R, k1) two times, slip marker (sl m), k7, turn work; (WS) make double stitch, purl to last 4 sts, (k1, sl 1) two times (2 sts inc’d).

Short row 2: (RS) K1, sl 1, k1, p1, knit to 1 st before m, M1R, k1, sl m, knit to 3 sts past last double st, turn work; (WS) make double st, purl to last 4 sts, (k1, sl 1) two times (1 st inc’d).

And here I get stuck because in short row 2 it asks me to slip the marker and then knit to 3 stitches past the last double stitch, but there is only one double stitch so far and that is before the marker I need to slip. So, I am very confused.

After short row 1 I returned the work, so that I face the right side again. Is that wrong? If I don’t do that the pattern doesn’t really make sense. Can anyone help?

Thank you so much in advance already!

Welcome to KH!
From the right side (RS) you start with the edge sts, the left back, marker 1, left sleeve, marker 2, front, marker 3, right sleeve, marker 4, right back, edge sts.

For short row 1, slip marker 1 and k7, turn, double stitch and purl back to the end of row (working the edge sts as given). Most of the sweater has been left unworked at this point and you’ve added 2 rows to the left back.
For short row 2, slip marker 1 and knit past the last double stitch, k3sts after the double stitch. turn and purl back to the end of the row (working the edge sts). Again, you’ve added 2 more rows to the left back.

Does the pattern specify something about which marker you should be slipping and it’s not marker 1? Yes, after each short row you’ve worked 2 rows and are on the RS again. (I assume that when you knit past the first double stitch, you knit the double stitch together as given for german short rows.)

What is the name of the pattern, please?

Hi salmonmac

Thank you very much for the reply :slight_smile: I think I’ve got it now :grin:

The name of the pattern is April Pullover (

The pattern doesn’t specify which markers I need to slip. That would have been quite helpful actually. And yes, the double sts are knit together.


If it’s still not making sense when you work with the stitches, come back and ask again.
It’s a delicate, lovely sweater. Happy knitting!