Problem understanding instructions

Hello there, I am knitting a dog sweater and it says to work stitches as established across row. Does that mean if the last stitch is a purl on row 4 do I purl on row 5 at the same spot?


Usually this means to continue whatever pattern sts the previous rows have given you, commonly to knit the sts that look like V’s and purl the sts that look like bumps or loops. So in the cass where the last st of row 4 is a purl, the first st of row 5 would be a knit.
But this is not always the case. What are the last few rows of your pattern before the instructions to continue in pattern as established?

It means to keep working the patterns that are set up. It can mean different things depending on what your pattern is doing. It could mean to keep working in St st if it is St st you are doing. It could mean to keep working cables where they are placed, it just depends on what they have started you doing, whatever it is, you keep doing it so you get the right look you want on the outside of the fabric.

Thanks for the help! This is what the pattern says.
Row 1 Purl
Row 2 Sl 1 knit across
Row 3 Sl 1 st, knit across
Row 4 Sl 1 p1 k1 p4, k1, p2, k1 repeat across to last 7 sts end p4, k1, p1, k1
Row Sl 1 work sts as established across row and end k1

You would slip the first st on row5 and then k1,p1,k4 and continue knitting the sts that look like Vs and purling the sts that look like bumps or loops on the left hand needle for the remainder of the row, ending with a k1.

I thought so but what is really confusing is Row 6 you Sl 1 k1 p1 and that would not run in the same pattern, you would be doing the opposite of the row before.

Could you give us the name of the pattern so we could try to find a picture of what you are making? Does it have cables? The groups of K4 across the row on one side (p4 on the other side) make me think of a cable set up. If they are doing cables and row 4 is a wrong side row there is probably a mistake in row 6 because you would want to keep everything lined up as it had been going.

Hello Merigold,

The name of the book is called Doggie Knits by Corinne Niessner. Let me know if you don’t find if and if not I will email more of the directions. And yes there are cables coming up in row 7.

I don’t have that book. The name of the particular pattern might help us to find a picture of the finished doggie sweater on Ravelry or somewhere.

I’d be happy to look at a few rows and see if I see an error or anything. I will not be able to get to it right away though because I’m involved in Vacation Bible School at my church every morning this week (in fact I need to get off this computer and finish my notes on what I’m going to say tomorrow :slight_smile: ). If you put a few rows here maybe someone will get to your question before I can get to it.

There are pictures of the sweaters from Doggie Knits by Corinne Niessner on Ravelry. Which one are you making?

This is what the pattern says.
BACK PIECE: Worked back and forth on needle.
Cast on 72-80-84 (96-104) sts (includes 1 edge st each side) on needle size 3.5 mm with Merino Extra Fine. Work rib as follows (first row = RS): 1 edge st, * K2, P2 *, repeat from -, and finish with K2 and 1 edge st. When rib measures 4 cm change to needle size 4.5 mm and K 1 row from RS, AT THE SAME TIME dec 6-8-6 (8-10) sts evenly = 66-72-78 (88-94) sts. K 1 row from WS and continue as follows from RS: 1 edge st, 4-7-8 (11-11) moss sts – SEE ABOVE – P 2, M.1 (= 15 sts), P 4-4-6 (8-11), M.3 (= 6 sts), P 2, M.3 (= 6 sts), P 4-4-6 (8-11), M.2 (= 15 sts), P 2, 4-7-8 (11-11) moss sts and 1 edge st.

Hello there, it is called Piccolo starting on page 37

It is called Piccoli on page 37

It is called Piccoli on page 37

I’m sorry I repeated so many times but I didn’t know there was a page two and I couldn’t see my post.

OK, if you go to this version of the Piccolo sweater on Ravelry (free to join if you haven’t already) there are very nice pictures of this sweater in progress. In particular you can see the collar pattern with the cables. It looks like the pattern information you gave (a repeat on the back of [U]p4[/U], k1, p2, k1 with the cable on the front side or[U] k4[/U], p1, k2, p1). It seems like a knit the Vs and purl the bumps slipping the first st of every row will work. I’m not sure why row 6 starts out differently but the pattern seems clear from the photos. See if that works.

Hello there, yes it is the same sweater but she does not give any corrections to the pattern. I will try and knit it like I think it’s supposed to be as you all have advised and see how it goes. Thanks to you all.

The gal on Ravelry who made this sweater (link by salmonmac) said there were several errors in the pattern that caused her some difficulty. You might try the computer for a search for errata for the book/pattern.

I will do that and thanks to all for the help!

Hello there. I have been unsucessful finding corrections for my pattern. I’ve even emailed the publisher to see if I can get them and they have not answered. I am going to call them this week if need be. I have pretty much figured out what to do up to a point with you alls help. I am stuck again now please help me again. I have made a row of cables which is row 6. Row 7 says work sts as established across row, end k1. Does this mean that I do cables again or do I just follow the knit and purls opposite of previous row? Thanks again for your help.