Problem understanding bind-off instructions

Hi all,

I’m making the front left side of a shrug, and as per the instructions, I knitted it to 8 inches. There are 30 stitches on the needle. It’s time to shape the armhole, and this is what the instructions read: “At armhole edge, BO 3 sts once, then BO 2 sts once. 25 sts rem.”

What’s up with that? Does anyone know why I can’t just bind off five stitches? There’s got to be a reason it’s written that way, but I can’t figure it out, and Google isn’t helping.

Thanks much,


You do the BOs on different rows. BO 3 sts and finish the row, then turn and work the next row. BO 2 sts and finish the row. Then you probably work the next row and go on the the next instructions on the row after that.

Binding off stitches gradually gives you a more of a shaped edge.

Thanks for the quick replies - now I can get back to work! ;O)