Problem reading Jean Greenhowe nativity pattern


I have been having trouble reading Jean Greenhowes pattern for three wise men. I am an amateur knitter but have had a brain injury so can get confused. I am knitting the basic sleeves. After G-st two rows it say beginning with a K row, continue in st-st but then says decrease at each end of NEXT row… Is the first decrease on the knit or purl side? Sounds like purl side but wouldn’t normally be.


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If it’s “beginnig with a K row, continue in st-st. Decrease at each end of the next row…” then the decrease is on the knit row. You could have decreases on purl rows but if this is a continuous direction, it seems to be on the knit row.
Maybe part of this pattern:

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Thanks. Yes part of this Nativity scene. I did find it confusing with the NEXT word and trying to end on a purl row for casting off.

It can be confusing but calling the next row, the knit row is a reasonable interpretation. Sometimes these accommodations are made due to the design and the small size of the figures.
Jean Greenhowe patterns are so clever and imaginative. This is a lovely example. Are you making the whole set?

I am starting with the three wise men for this Christmas and then will decide whether to do more. I love the knitting (once I understand the pattern) but don’t like the sewing up. My husband has made some round wooden wheel pieces like the cardboard inserts which I think will be much sturdier for the figures to stand up. I made the Jean Greenhowe snowmen a few years ago and they are lovely except the clothes moth put a hole in one. Hopefully we have got rid of the moths now. They are a nightmare.


Sounds like a good plan. We’d love to see the wisemen when you finish.

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Here are my completed wisemen. Thought they looked quite good. Very fiddly to make but worth it. J


You’ve made these very well, they look great.

They indeed look like 3 wisemen bearing gifts. Lovely work!

They are beautiful!

How fabulous! I especially like the striped turban, but they are all great.