Problem Pattern

I’m working on a capelet pattern in a book called “Total Knitting Fashions” by Mari Lynn Patrick. It proclaims to be an easy pattern, but I’m having my doubts. I’ve gotten through the first half or so ok, but this next part is just not written too well (or at least not well enough for my limited skills).

It is written as such:

[B]Next row (RS)[/B] Sl first 4 sts to a holder, rejoin and rep dec row at markers, k to last 4 sts and sl these sts to holder, turn.

etc, etc

This is self explanatory, however, the pattern never goes on to tell me what to do with the 4 sts on either end. I may be relatively new at this, but I do know that is a problem.

So should I ignore setting the sts aside or set them aside and figure out where they go later? Both options make me nervous and I’m just not sure what to do. The pattern works from the bottom up and setting these sts aside somewhere near the middle just seems odd.

Anyone have any ideas??? THANKS!!!

You probably do some kind of band later on. Read the finishing instructions, or just before them, that should tell you what to do with them.

You do roll the edges of the collar and front, but I’m supposed to pick up the sts along the edge, it never says to include the 8 sts on a holder. That’s my problem, the directions never say anything more on the sts on the holder even in the finishing directions. That’s why I’m wondering if I should just ignore them?

Thanks though!!

It doesn’t make a lot of sense. You could skip the holder and just knit them and see how it turns out.