Problem knitting sock on dpn's

hello I am new to knitting and I started a sock pattern on dpns.
the pattern asked to do 12 rows in k2p2 ribbing and then continue in stockinette, I did k2p2 ribbing and started stockinette but the right side of the sock (i.e knit side is on WS and purl side on RS) is going inside and the wrong side is outside. now what can be done shall i continue in pattern and then fold it the other way after completion. thnx


I recently found out that some good knitters knit that way all the time (I know a couple at least :slight_smile: ), but I don’t think they make socks. I don’t know if you can make the whole sock that way with no problems or not. Maybe someone will know.

You can push the sock right side out at this point, and turn and knit the other direction. But it will leave a little hole I think. You may be able to do a wrap and turn to solve that problem. See if you can find information about that maneuver. My DH is making a hat right now that he turned and went the other way on so that he could keep knitting and have reverse st st on the outside. He said it can be a bit baffling when you turn because the yarn will be coming from the wrong needle.

You might want to start over (12 rows is not that much to rip out :slight_smile: ). You may want to watch the video on this site about knitting in the round, (I think she gives one for dpns as well as circulars) so you can find out where you went astray and do it the way you want the next time. I think it is in advanced techniques. You will be working with the needles that are closest to you instead of the ones on the outside of the circle.

thnx for your reply, I solved it with your help and going to knit the heel part now