Problem: changed colors while circular knitting

This is my first time knitting with circular needles. It is a small tote with wide color stripes. I understand the fact that knitting every round in a knit stich generates a stockingette stitch. I got started just fine and worked 2 inches in the first color. The I switched to the second color and continued. Then suddenly I noticed that the “right sides” of each color were on different sides. One one side I have the right side of my first color for 2 inches and then a few rows of the wrong side of my second color. And vice-versa on the other side. How the heck did that happen? What did I do wrong?

You didn’t do anything wrong. That’s the nature of circular knitting because it’s more like a spiral than true circles. There’s a tutorial here on how to avoid this:

If I’m reading you right you aren’t talking about the jog like Marria is mentioning. If you have several rows of the second color with the wrong side facing that is not the jog issue. Perhaps you were interrupted and picked your work up and pushed the whole thing inside out and started knitting. You can do that and it would do what you say. Could that be it? If you later got back to what you started with you may have done it again. :??

Or you might have picked it up and started knitting the wrong direction on it when you changed colors. If there’s a hole where you switched, that might be it.