Problem assembling raglan baby sweater

I am assembling a baby sweater with raglan sleeves. It is in one piece from bottom up. I am about to add the border in one piece around all edges. One side of the sweater forms a correct triangle next to the raglan seam. For some reason, I have three stitches too many on the other side. My instinct tells me to pick up stitches in such a way as keep the triangle shape. I realize that this will create a bit of a seam, which I guess will be hidden by the border. The sweater looks great other than this glitch. What are your ideas?

Thank you in advance for your advice. NewNonna

I’m having trouble visualizing where the extra sts are. If they’re up at the neck edge and are caused by some of the last few rows of work, I would rip out the extra sts with some of the final rows. See if you can see where the extra sts are coming from.
If you don’t want to do this, and you think the extra sts will be covered by the border, go ahead and try adding the edging and see how it looks. The extra sts may well not make a big difference.