Probably the stupidest knitting question ever asked

but does anyone have an easy description of how to make a slip knot?? I cannot make one for the life of me :thinking:

Don’t think me too dumb… :oops:

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Slip Knot pictures

The pics didn’t come up for me…all I got was red Xs and blank boxes :frowning:

Try this:

From here

And…there’s no such thing as a dumb question :wink: LOL, don’t feel alone…I couldn’t make one correctly either :wink:

okay i took some really bad pictures that might have worked to show you and was about to post them until it dawned on me to consult my friend google. The “yarn” they are using is fairly large :slight_smile: but i think it does a fairly good job showing what you do. (for the record…when i was asked if i knew how to make a slip knot i said no…when i was shown how i said “Ooooh THAT’S a slip knot?” i would guess you will too! :thumbsup: )

I never did figure out the slip knot thing - I do some weird cast on thingy that I learned in Knitting 101 at LYS that kinda makes the slip knot for you. If I have to make one, I look at a picture. DOH!

If you do the long-tail cast on, you don’t need to know how to do a slip knot! :lol:

see i do the long tail cast on but i do it with a slipknot first. i can’t seem to work that holding the yarn over the needle thing right for some reason…just seems awkward to me! :rollseyes:

I always have a gap between stitch one and stitch two if I use a slip knot. My LYS suggested I just lay the yarn over the needle and twist the needle so that the yarn just goes on top and under, oh heck that is a bad description, wheres my camera?

edited for very bad description.

Here are pics. Its basically just twisting the thread around the needle.

THANK YOU! I DID IT :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I do long tail w/o the slip knot, too. I hate knots!

Oh, come on, you guys … we’ve all heard plenty of questions so stupid we wondered how they made it through the evolutionary maze.

But dumb knitting questions? Nah. Some of us learn visually, others by hearing it, etc. People here are great and soooo helpful!


LOL, u r so right…I find stupid people EVERYWHERE…just not knitting people :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

I didn’t know that if I used long tail which is what I always use… without a slip knot :rollseyes: lol now its habit that I do it without thinking…

no crazy questions either in knitting :rofling: although I tell my 5yr old who says is this crazy… that only smart people ask the questions that others are to afraid to ask… but this has also resulted in 24/7 of nothing but questions :lol: I’m sure his teacher next year will thank me