Probably an easy question


I am a relatively new knitter (maybe 5 months) and I have made a few projects, but I wanted a challenge, so I decided to try and make a bunny…now that i have all 50 rows of the body done I have no idea what to do!

It says to “Break yarn, leaving a 20” tail. Thread tail through rem sts, pull tight to gather sts, and faster off on inside"

I understand the first sentence, that makes sense I know how to cut the yarn and leave enough. But how do you thread it through the rest of the stitches???

Please help!

Once you’ve cut your yarn, making sure to leave a long enough tail, just thread the yarn through a tapestry needle. Use the tapestry needle to pull the yarn through the loops of the remaining stitches, and pull tight. This will close opening you have in the body of your bunny. :thumbsup:

Usually you use a darning or tapestry needle, like when you sew pieces together. I like using a crochet hook, but either way, all you do is thread the yarn through the sts like a drawstring.

yup, my usual way is crochet needle, but a darning needle will do a better job with most projects.

When you pull the yarn trough the remaining stitches, then do it in order of the stitches, of course.

Since your instruction wants you to make a tube that is closed on the top (bunny body) it would be great to start the pulling through at the end that the yarn does not come from (if you can make it with your project).

Once you have pulled the yarn through the stitches, then you drop the needle out of them.

Now without the needle the tail end of your yarn has replaced the needle. Nothing will drop down, every stitch is secured.

you then pull that yarn tight and the stitches will bunch together and make the top of the bunny body.

It is really easier than you think - once you have seen it.