Probably a stupid question...But

Hi there,

This site is a life-saver! I am new to knitting and have come to my first impasse–the “wrap & turn” at the end of a row. Nowhere can I find an explanation for this that makes sense. Any help at all would stop me from banging my head against the wall, the floor, the computer,…please!


I might be able to help…

Wrap and turn…

Knit to the turning point. Slip the next stitch, bring the yarn to the front (as if switching to purl), slip the stitch back to the left needle, then bring the yarn back to the back. This is the wrap (see hoe the yarn is wrapped around that stitch you slipped?).

Then, turn - just like you would at the end of a row.

A purl wrap is almost the same, except you slip, bring the yarn to the back, slip, and bring the yarn back to the front.

This might help better:

I thought your explaination was very good. I have always avoided that stitch and knitted it plain because I never understood it. Now it should be no problem. Thank you.

Also, Amy has a video:

see: Short Row with Wrap video (second video from the end)

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

I went to the site recommended and also looked at Amy’s video (which I completely missed for some reason), and now I think I’ve a handle on things. Thanks also to the great description post, which was much, much more clear than the vague instruction given in the books I have.
Thought I was going crazy, really. I was just trying to knit a “nosewarmer,” something that looked innocent enough, and it was presented as a beginner/mid-beginner project. You can imagine my panic when faced with “wrap & turn!”

Thanks again–you guys saved me

Yours is the best explanation I have EVER read, and I have looked at tens of websites and pictures and all else, and this is THE FIRST TIME short rows, etc make sense to me!

Bless You!!!