Probably a silly question

I’ve started on the Basket Weave Blanket from Our Best Knit Baby Afghans…and after the 1st 10 knit rows I hit a problem.

Row 11: K11, P5, (K15, P5) across to last 11 sts, K11…does this mean to k11, p5, k15, p5, k15, p5, k15, p5 etc to the end of the row? It never explains what the () mean…

I am no expert but to me it means to knit the pattern that is inside the parentheses ( ) until you get to the point where you have 11 (eleven) stitches left on the needle. Then knit the 11 stitches so that it will match the other side.


Repeat what’s inside the () to the last 11 sts.

thanks ya’ll…you’d think there would be a point somewhere in the book that would say it was a repeat…oh well it’s going well now and I have 1 full basketweavy pass done!!!:heart: