Prob. a really stupid question

I know i just posted another question - i forgot to ask this one.

If i’m knitting a bunch of rows with the first st. slipped and the last st. knitted. When it says work Stocking st. until work measure 4 1/2" do i still slip the first st and knit the last st. in every row?:??
If i did this would it stop my work from curling in on the sides?

You can keep slipping the first and knitting the last, it makes a neater edge. Unfortunately, it doesn’t prevent curling.

There is a sticky thread at the top of this section that talks about issues/solutions for curling. The short answer for that is that you need to have a 3 to 4 stitch border of garter stitch to prevent curling.

Good luck!

If you want the look of stockinette, but don’t like edges, you can do a K1 P1 rib. I do this a lot for scarves.

If it’s going to be seamed, it won’t matter if it’s curling, nor if you have a nice edge.

I read the piece on curling. Because i am following a pattern for a matinee coat i can’t make a border. I was just wondering if i was supposed to contine with the slip stitch all of the time.

I finished the first piece of the matinee coat (the back) it was the first time i had done one, so the first time following a pattern to decrease at the arm hole. I don’t think i did too bad either. I did end up with a tiny hole though. I think it did a wrn or wfd by mistake, easily fixed with a k2 tog. in the same column.

That’s the way to deal with mistakes!:thumbsup: