Private Messages

Hey all… just a query… I received notification today that I got a PM, but it’s not there. Does anyone know what might have happened to it?

I would guess that the person who sent it deleted it out of their “outbox” before you got it. I believe (but am not sure) that if you send a PM and the person hasn’t picked it up yet, you can delete it and they won’t see it.

It could be an old notification and you’ve already read and deleted. Or it could just be an internet blip? :shrug:

When there has been a lot of spam on the site, I often find PM notifications in my mail, but have no PM’s when I get here. I suspect that people sent me PM’s about the spam, but deleted them when someone else handled it.

So my bet is that someone sent a PM and took it back.

Now you just have to wonder what it was. :teehee:

I’ve done that; deleted a PM before the addressee got it (just like Ingy said, for the spam).

More than likely, the person found an answer to their question and didn’t want to bug you.