Printing Ravelry Stash List

Does anybody know whether it is possible to do this? I’ve checked out the Ravelry site, but not beiing too computer literate, I may have missed something. I’d love to have my stash list to take shopping.

Yes you can :cheering:! Go to your stash. Next to the “add new yarn” button there are small icons, one of them is of Excel. It downloads the list in Excel file to your PC and you can print from there. HTH

Here’s a screenshot.

Or if you don’t have Excel (like me because I use the free Open Office software), you can click the icon just to the right of the Add yard button. This will display your stash in a list right on your screen. You can highlight to select it in Internet Explorer, Click File, Print and tell it to print selection.

If you have Firefox, you should be able to just print and it will only print the list. (At least that’s what it did for me.) I did set the alignment to landscape though so the table would spread across the page better.

I have Excel and Word VIEWERS which is nice since I don’t have the programs either.

I just discovered that if you press the middle button between Add New Yarn and Search, you get a list of the Stash, rather than pictures. It printed beautifully, with jut the list.