Printer Out-of-Ink...Ha!

My DELL printer has been telling me it’s out of ink for 2-3 now! Guess what? I just keep printing, and printing and printing!

I guess when the sheet of paper comes out BLANK or partially botched…it’s really out of ink!

I read somewhere that most home office printer ink cartridges are tossed out when they are actually not empty at all due to this inaccurate “out of ink” warning.

So the next time your printer threatens you that it needs replacing…keep printing and printing til a page comes out botched or blank. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of money.
Better to waste a piece of paper than toss out ink!

BTW: most of my printing isn’t critical. Just the normal kind of stuff. If I were going to print a photo on expensive photo paper, I would make sure my printer ink was full. I’ve unwrapped a full cartridge, put it in…printed a photo…taken it out, wrapped it back up, and put back the “empty” cartridge for further “squeezing”. Then I re-installed the new cartridge.

Ink costs too much to waste. :thumbsup:

They just want you to spend your hard earned $$ on their products! I wait until the page starts to get too faded, then change. Or with colors, when they become too wierd, then in pop then new cartridges.

The other thing you can do is shake it! I have a laser so I use toner cartridges, but I’ve always shook things when they say they are empty are are getting blotchy. It may not work, but it’s only 10 seconds wasted and may get you a few extra sheets!


Yeah, my printer has been telling me it’s low on ink for like 2 months now but it still prints fine. I’m waiting for the day I try to print and the paper is blank…lol…That’s when I know it’s time for a new cartridge :teehee:

I’m that way with a lot of things though…like ketchup and mustard…I can have a brand new container and I won’t get rid of the old one until I absolutely cannot squeeze anymore ketchup/mustard out of the container no matter how many times I squeeze, shake, tap the top of the bottle on the table, etc…LOL! I really try not to waste anything…lol

I waited for several months after my printer started yelling at me. When I started to get streaks I changed it. :woot: Gotta save everywhere we can.

I all for shaking them, but you ought to be careful too - my boss kept printing that way after his HP screamed the ink is about to end and eventually, over the time ruined the printer head.

I have a Canon with 6 cartridges and one of them is getting low, but it’s still printing fine. I think it’s just a warning so you won’t be printing something important and have the ink disappear half way through. Since the majority of my print needs are usually patterns and stuff like that I keep it on draft mode. It uses less ink.

Yeah, I always pick grayscale if I print out coupons or something colored, so just the black ink gets used.

Uh oh! That is something to think about! :?? I sure wouldn’t want to ruin my printer head. Well, it’s a fine line. I might change the black ink cartridge today. It’s been 2-3 weeks since it started hollerin’.

Thanks for that info, KnittingNat! :thumbsup:

With the price of print cartridges what it is sometimes I think it would be cheaper to just hire a monk to hand copy everything for me.

I’ve experienced this too. (It’s not out of ink until I SAY it’s out of ink!!!) LOL!
How many of you have printers that stop printing when its out of just one color?
How may have printers that will keep trying until the well is dry?
Mine keeps trying until the paper is white and nothing shows at all. I made sure of that before I bought it.

Like I said, it’s not out until I say it’s out! HA!

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