Print patterns from

I think I’ve seen a thread about this before but couldn’t find it in a quick search…

How do you print patterns from

I’m not really interested in getting the knitty-head or the ads on my prints and usually I do a simple copy and paste to Word. I’m not happy with how the layout looks and always spend time changing it. I want a bigger size on the letters, more space between the different parts of instructions, the pictures at the end and things like that.

Do you just hit print on the knitty website or do you copy and paste to Word or somehting like Word? What do you change? How do you make it simple?

I always copy/paste them, but like you, I end up having to make adjustments. I only do the copy/paste thing to save ink–printing the pictures eats up quite a lot.

I’m interested to see if anyone else has a better way, too!

I just hit print. Sometimes, though, I’ll grab the text and put it onto index cards, which I format and print through word. But usually I’m a ctrl-p girl.

when i don’t want all the extra hooey on a site i just highlight what i want and then do “print selection” in the print dialog box. Doesn’t do as well as copying into a word document sometimes but does help keep the ads and such off.

I do the copy and paste into Word, too…like the rest of you, I then format it to my liking :smiley:

Glad to know I’m not the only one who reformats patterns off the web for usability and “printability”! Makes me feel a little bit more normal. :rofling:

I cute, paste and fix too. I configure it to use as little ink as possible. HP ink is expensive and I’d rather spend that money on knitting supplies. :lol:

I do the same thing. Ive never had any problem. I even get the pattern pics in there!

I put my cursor at the beginning of the name of the pattern, and scroll down to the end, hold down the shift key and click at the end of the pattern. That will highlight the whole thing, except for the side ads.

THEN, I right-click on the highlighted portion and choose “print” and click “selection” in the page range box before clicking OK.

I copy and pasted into Word and also copy the picture, but resize it in Word.

Perhaps a suggestion should be submitted to provide a printer friendly copy. I think I’ll go do that right now.

I also high light.Didn’t even know you could copy and paste and put in Word :?? How do you do that?

Well, I found a previous thread in the Knitty coffeeshop under the Suggestions forum - but the last post was back in January so apparently it’s not a too much of a bone of contention. I did put in a reply adding my voice. Maybe it will be heard.


This is why I bought a laser printer. It seems more expensive up front, but a $100 toner cartridge prints 3000 pages (three zeros not a typo) and does it at 20 pages per minute. And I do labels and index cards and all kinds of other cool stuff. :thumbsup: Add to that saving some money by buying it at a discount off of eBay, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still on my first cartridge, too, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be running out any time soon (I’ve had it for over a year).

after you highlight, right-click and select “copy.” Once you’re in Word, right-click and choose “paste.” :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, ladies!

Yesterday I copied a pattern to Excel and I have to say that I found the “formatting” easier in Excel than Word. I think I’ll be using Excel from now on when printing patterns from knitty…

I print it as landscape into a pdf document, no copying or pasting.

A pdf converter is free.