Print o' the wave stole

I finished it a few days ago and I only just got around to taking pictures. It looked a lot better before my toddler started rolling around on it. :teehee: It turned out huge, it’s 40 by 80 inches! I used Pattons Lacette with a bit of mohair, and size 4 needles (I knit very loosely so I always pick smaller needles than the pattern suggests). It’s unbelievably soft and cuddly, and a lot warmer than it looks!


More detail:

Wow! :inlove: Absolutely beautiful!!! You did a GREAT job!!!:thumbsup:



Beautiful!! Great job :woot:

That’s so gorgeous. I can’t imagine making something that big, on size 4 needles. Your work is very nice.

It is just beautiful. What a nice job!:woohoo:

You are a knitting goddess! wow ! Just beautiful.

amazing job :blooby:

Oh, my…that is beautiful:notworthy:

Wow, very beautiful!!

That is stunning!!:thumbsup:

:cheering::cheering: Beautiful lace work!! The color is so soft and it looks so airy and light. That must have taken a while to make with a toddler to care for and all those stitches. :lol:



I have two friends knitting that stole and it is quite the undertaking. Congratulations on the accomplishment! Have FUN wearing it.

This is CHARMING!!!:heart:

That is just beautiful! I love the color you chose, so pretty :slight_smile:

The only word for that is amazing!

That is absolutely gorgeous! Great job!!!

Incredible!!! GREAT job!

Absolutely lovely!

Mama Bear

Wow…thats just beautiful. You did a wonderful job on it.:woohoo: