Princess Leiah Hat

Finally done! I wouldn’t have made it except that a friend requested it. “I don’t have a brown hat” she says. Okay.

I loved making it. Thanks to this site for the video on Magic Loop, I learned something new and had an excuse to add a couple of sizes to my KP Options set. I much prefer doing Magic Loop to using DPNs. While I have tried DPNs and have to admit my work looks better when I use them, I’d rather limit the number of tools I buy and just learn how to be better at this. Besides, I liked not having to worry about losing a needle! Huge plus!

I used Berrocco Pleasure which I got on sale from It’s mostly angora…yummy! It’s also braided or looks like a miniature I-cord so I rarely split the yarn while I was working with it.

LOL…that is so cute! Very unique.

LOL…that is so cute! Very unique.

Thanks Chrissy. I should have mentioned that I got the pattern from a vendor on Etsy.

:teehee: Cute! Oddly enough, I was just looking at that pattern online this morning. I’d decided to make’s Hallowig for my hairdresser and was Googling what else was available.

That hat is great! :rofl:
Hmmm…I have a sudden craving for a cinnamon bun! :teehee:

Thanks =)

It was a very quick knit. I didn’t log hours but it was a little knitting here and there over maybe 4 or 5 days (hey, with two kids, you have to go looking for knitting time).

I love it! :woohoo:

I love it! :teehee: I always wanted to be Princess Leia as a little girl!

I have been searching for this pattern for the past two weeks (I too have an ami that would like one big enough to wear over her helmet whilst cycling).
Where can I find this pattern?
Thanks! It’s way too cool!

Thats awesome :yay: It’s like a hat and earmuffs all in one!!! I totally get what you mean about looking for knitting time. I also have 2 kids and some how there just isn’t enough time for knitting. I find my knitting time before bed but then my knitting time cuts into my sleeping time…sigh* when to knit when to knit :teehee: