Princess Cap sleeve-attaching to sweater

:woot: I have attached pictures and some parts of instructions to understand what I am talking about.
I have several questions.

  1. I do not know how to attach this sleeve to my sweater.
    I have never made a sleeve with this kind of attachment.
    I have labeled each part with a letter if you can tell me by letter which part attaches to which end I would appreciate it.
  2. On the neck edging part of the hood it says at any time during the hood sew last row to the pick up and knit row of the neck edging. I understand I need to fold this small section and sew it to the neck edging. My question is do I sew the two right sides together or the two wrong sides together. My assumption if that this fold Is on the outside of the sweater.
    See pictures and instructions attached
    I looked at the instructions and I tried to remove and put them on clearer but website would not let me.
    So the hood instructions read like this.
    Front neck to pick up and knit as follows. etc
    109 stitches total front-front and back neck shaping,back neck
    Knit 1 Ws row purl knit 1 row then purl 2 rows
    increase row to 136 stitches.
    At any time during the hood sew this last row to the pick up and knit row of neck edging.

For the hood, it sounds like the two wrong sides should be joined together to make a ridge or welt along the neck edge. If you mark the row where the pattern gives these instructions, you can do this when you’re finished with the hood.
For the sleeves, it seems like the G part of the sleeve cap is sewn to the perpendicular line to its left and then one side of the saddle is sewn to the front of sweater and the other side is sewn to the back of the sweater. The sleeve is set into the armhole as usual from one side of the double pointed arrow to the other. I usually pin all this together and even baste it to make sure everything sits right.
I can’t tell where the “live sts” that the pattern talks about are located and that may help you with attaching the G part of the pattern.
Is there a link to this pattern, or a name for the sweater? it might help to look at a picture.

Attached is picture of sweater

I am not sure what you mean by the G part of the sleeve cap.(I understand its the center opening of the sleeve. But I do not know what you mean by the sleeve cap is sewn perpendicular to its left. Is there a diagram someplace that will show this to me.

DAH I figured it out. I spent hours trying to attach the sleeve. Then I put it all down and went to sleep. All of a sudden it came to me. Now I know what you mean’t. I kept thinking what left side. It is a band that you attach everything to. The inside is the neck and the outside becomes the new neck where the hood will get knitted from.:aww:
I am going to do it tomorrow. It is too late now to start. I am so excited. I can finish this sweater without going to knitting store.
Where do I go to officially say thank you.

You are very welcome! Glad it’s all coming together.