Primrose Rabbit

Primrose goes to University of Tennessee

The pattern is: [U][COLOR=#666666]PRIMROSE Rabbit [/COLOR][/U]by Susan Hickson
The mods of course are the colours and the sweater. She was a gift for my aunt who loved her.

She’s darling! You did a great job.

Love it! GO VOLS!! What yarn didyou use, looks like the perfect UT Orange…I need some of that:cheering:

A Vols fan from Texas? It is ‘I love this sport yarn’ and it is the perfect Tennessee yarn. The yarn is very soft

Simply adorable little rabbit! You did such a great job!

the bunny has personality plus!!!

Adorable little face; and I love love love those long ears.

She is ADORABLE!!! GREAT job!!

Oh my gosh, that is the cutest rabbit I’ve ever seen! Great job!

A sister who lives in Old Hickory… 2 adult nephews (my other 2 sisters’ kidos) met their 2 amazing wives and these 4 are UT grads. And they, so far, have given me two awesome little Vols (and one on the way). :happydance:

Great Job. This is SOO cute.

I love the ribbons in her hair (err… ears?)! It totally adds to the overall cuteness of a rabbit in a cheerleading outfit :wink:

That has to be just the cutest rabbit I have ever seen!! Such a sweet face and [U]love[/U] the long floppy ears!!:heart:

[B][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrange]That’s got to be the cutest bunny there ever was!

Impeccable knitting, too!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

oh she is darling!!

Your Primrose Rabbit is adorable! What a sweet face! You did such a great job with the mods. I was looking at the link, and the designer has some really cute patterns.

Can you tell me a litle about the pattern - is it knit mostly in the round, or knit in pieces and sewn? The close-up of the little face is so interesting. It almost looks like a sock heel. Everything about your little rabbit is adorable, but the face is especially cute!

That is the sweetest rabbit I have ever seen! My dad graduated from UT. Go Vols!

Adorable! :slight_smile:

Very cute! :cheering:

So sweet, I just want to grab her up and hug her. Great work!!!