ok a girl who reads my blog wants me to make some felted purses for her nieces. i was thinking of her buying the yarn from KnitPicks and having it shipped to me…how much should i charge her??? i know i need to factor in time and such…they don’t take that long to knit… i’ve never knit anything for someone to buy!! :shock:

Depending on the difficulty of the pattern, I generally charge 1-2 times the cost of the yarn as my “fee”. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, but a guideline I apply when trying to figure out how much to charge.

my husband just told me to buy the yarn myself… so i was thinking of using WOTA…which is 1.79 a skein…its not a hard pattern that took me about 5 or 6 hours. i don’t know how many she wants…so what wold be a good price?

Charge what the market will bear. If you base your price on the cost of the yarn, and you buy less expensive yarn, you’re cheating yourself on your time and effort. A bag knit with WOTA would take you the same amount of time and effort as a bag knit with cashmere.

I can’t really name a price, but look around and see what bags are going for. It’s not like you have tons of free time, right? Get what you can. :wink:

I think that nicole has a good point.

I would charge her at least $20.00/purse plus the cost of the yarn - you had to learn so you need to charge her for your expertise, too!
Though if she’s ordering alot, perhaps give her a discount.

realising I’m absolutely no help whatsover! I just think us artists tend to undercharge for our talents

EDIT: I was posting at the same time as Ingrid - Ingrid has a good point, too

ok she said she wants 7!!! i was thinking 20 a bag too. but since she wants 7 i’ll cut her a deal.

thanks for you alls advice!

even tho you’ve made your decision…I wanna put this “out there” for others…

If I had to make SEVEN of something, I doubt I’d give a break…only because I would be bored to TEARS after the maybe first one…lol…(adult ADD here)…so I would charge a smidge more, to keep MY interest up.

I charge $40.00 for my bags…booga bag size…and go accordingly from there…that does include the yarn cost…

CUTE bag btw!!! :slight_smile:

i agree…i hate doing the same pattern twice. if you change up the pattern by doing some striping or fair isle stuff in there it might make it less tedious but 7 of them would make me crazy! and is she wanting them by christmas?

how much yarn did the pink one you did require?

brenda~ see i don’t know how much yarn i used because i had already used the yarn on something else. BUT i didn’t finish the ball still so i think one skein will be enough. but i’m going to make another out of a new skein just to see what i’m working with.

You can always weigh the skein, too, to see how many grams are left…or weigh the finished bag. :smiley: