Pricing a small crocheted item

Okay so it’s NOT Buy/Sell/Swap or knitting…but I figured it was better posted here than elsewhere on the site.

A question for those of you crafters who sell items…or those of you who would buy something similar. For an item to be sold among friends at work… I’m curious to learn…what’s the going price(s) (in US $) for these items?

Crocheted shamrock, 100% acrylic, 3 inches high by 2½ wide.

-With a ¾ inch pin back or

-With a ¾ diameter round magnet.

Would the price be the same using 100% cotton instead of acrylic?

Thanks for your answers!

When I sell items, I charge per yard, plus cost of materials. For example, if I am selling a plain garter scarf made of 100 yds, I’d charge $0.10 per yard ($10) and cost of materials (usually one skein of some yarn). So the scarf would cost about 15 bucks or so.

I’d determine how many yds each piece uses and then do the math to add the materials charge.

:oops: Of course, this only applies if you want to get really technical about it, which I do. When I sold items, I included an itemized “receipt”. One lady who bought from me came back and energetically complimented me on the “receipt”; she said she really appreciated my taking the time to itemize where her money was going. :slight_smile:

Just a thought … :thumbsup:

:o WOW, thanks! I never even thought about doing something like that. It sounds like a very good solution to any number of items I might do in the future.

Also, I’ve done a lot of administrative work in my time and have created many business forms, etc. over the course of many years. I must say your invoice method looks and is very professional. Well done ekgheiy!

Thank you so much for the compliment Happenin! :blush:
If you want, I can email you an Excel “template” to get you started on designing your own. :thumbsup:

That’s totally cool! Can you send me the template too, pleeeeeeeeeease :pray: :smiley:

Wow ekgheiy! That’s a beautiful, professional form you’ve made!


Sure thing … check your pm…

Why thank you :slight_smile:

i do all my custom work the same way i price my retail, consignment, and wholsale items. (cept they cost a bit more since im making it especialyl for the person, but they know that going into that since they have to fill out a LONG order form on my site!)

price is based off of the wholesale price, which is then doubled for my retail (also my consignment price). So using yarn as an example:

price of materials+time+extras
materials is anything that goes into the product- any fibers, beads, buttons, etc used to make the item.
time is the wage you pay yourself- i pay myself what i can make in my state if i worked min wage, so about 6-7 per hour. this includes time for website updates, driving to the po, etc, not just the actual production.
extras is a small add on charge you add to the item for any overhead- that is required for tools, upkeep. etc. i dont realyl charge an overhead since i jsut calculated a negligable amount into my materials.

so…if my materials cost is $1/ 50 yard skein, and it takes me 1/2 hour to produce it (conservative estimate, i dont ussually count all the time i spend on my business or my prices would be through the roof), so thats $3, plus no extras. so my wholesale would be $4, retail $8.

I have an excel program set up to calculate most of it for me and jsut add on any extras that arent in the usual skein of yarn. also, my shipping charges are claculated to include the costs of shipping materials, priniting, etc. These are not included in my retail price b/c i do some “brick and mortar” sales as well as consignment.