Preventing rolling

I am making a sweater using a circular needle in all stockinette stitch, is there anything I can do to the bottom hem of the sweater to keep it from rolling upwards? Sewing something on the bottom etc.

help would be greatly appreciated!


Rolling is the nature of stockinette. But you could either knit a border for the bottom or crochet a border. Good Luck :wink:

would sewing something like bias tape or something on the back help?

Hey…try it! You never know! I kinda like the look of a rolled edge on some things, though…

It would only take about 4 rows of knit as a border to prevent rolling. I just made a tank that was stockinette with a 4 row garter stitch border around the bottom and I really like how it looks.

Hey, thanks a lot!

So to make a border, all I need to do is pick up the stitches around the bottom and knit them?

Well, you would usually do garter as your first rows…if you pick them up & knit them, they will be upside-down…but, Im all for trying anything!

I don’t think an upside down garter stitch would look much different - if any - than a right side up garter stitch. Go for it!!

So I take it you’ve already started the sweater?? What’s the pattern?

One thing I’ve done and liked, is to pick up stitches along the bottom edge, and knit an inside hem: Knit a row plain, then on the next round decrease 10% of the stitches, to prevent it from being a bulky hem. Knit for an inch or inch and a half, then just whip stitch each stitch to a purl nub of the inside of the garment. Don’t do this tightly, or it will gather or show.

So, in case this isn’t clear: this hem is worked in stockinette, and is folded up inside the garment and bound off by sewing to the garment. This is how I hemmed the Bumble Bees Sweater shown here. As you can see, the hem shows as a thicker bottom, but looks good, no problem with rolling.


Hey thanks! I worked on knitting some decorative thread on the bottom hem, to make it pretty, and it turned out nice… and non rolling! thanks!!


I have had a bottom edge that curled, in spite of using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s PWYC method. I picked up and knitted an k2 p2 border and it looks like it was part of the sweater all along. I’m doing an afterthought hem like stated above, but I purled the first row to give me a place to fold it under.