Preventing pilling

Is there a way to prevent pilling in wool. I knitted a lovely handbag and felted it, but after about 3 weeks of using it, it’s starting to pill up.

Any tips for preventing pilling, or is it just part and parcel with wool?

I think a lot depends on the type of wool. I suspect that felting can make it worse because of the fuzzyness of it. You can shave the pills, and I believe that eventually you’ll have less of a problem.

This bag was made with Cascade 220. Thanks.

I’m told that pilling will stop after a while. You can just shave or comb it. But general tips for keeping the pilling to a minimum are to use tightly plied yarns and to knit at a tight gauge. Different fibers will also pill more or less. Most bamboo yarns, I think, won’t pill so much. Soft cotton and merino will pill a bunch.

You could try using a [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]sweater stone to help remove the pills. I’ve never used one, but plan on getting one. I’ve heard they work really well.[/FONT][/COLOR]