Preventing ladders using magic loop method

[B][COLOR=darkorchid]Hi again everyone[/COLOR][/B]! :waving:
[B][COLOR=darkorchid]I am making my first pair of socks using the magic loop method to knit 2 socks at a time. However I am finding that I have ladders between my needles…I am pulling the yarn TIGHT TIGHT for the first couple of stitches but I seem to still have small ladders! Any suggestions on how to make them [COLOR=red]GO AWAY[/COLOR]? Thanks in advance! :yay: [/COLOR][/B]

Perhaps you are using too large a needle and even though you pull, the space between the needles is still greater than then space between the stitches that are on one needle?

I had this problem, but it went away eventually. I never liked to do socks this way because my circs were too curly and I was forever fighting to see which end was which. If I’d buy better needles, then mabye I’d like it better. :slight_smile:

Pulling too tight can also create problems. I think it really just takes practice to learn how to hold the joins. Once I did that I was able to knit with DPN, too.

That being said I had more problems with magic loop than I did with the two circular needle method. I always use two circs now, but I do know people who use magic loop.

Yes, don’t pull the first stitch tight, if you need to, do it on the 2nd stitch. Another thing that helps is to rotate your sts around. When you finish the first set of sts, knit the next couple before looping the right needle around. Then on the ‘back’ set of sts, do the same thing; the beg of round doesn’t have to start at the beginning of a needle. Do this every couple rows and that moves the loop around between different sets of sts so you don’t always have it between the same ones.

If you are working ribbing, end one needle with a purl stitch. And start the next with a knit. Then the ladder falls into to purl section & is less noticeable.