Prevent rolling when using braid on top of sock

I am copying a Albanian Sock - very decorative - from the toe up. The top is finished with a braid. The 3 rows before are stockinette and the braid wants to curl over onto itself so it can’t be seen.
Any suggestions as to make the braid be more visible? Margaret

Most people know that stockinette curls with no border, but it often folds ever the border as well. I have had the same issue with the border on the edge of sweaters regardless of what they are. Sometimes making the border wider helps, but that’s not always possible. You could try doing an inch of ribbing before the braid. If it’s 1x1 ribbing it will kind of look like stockinette.

I’ve been mulling this since I first saw your post earlier. Is it a Latvian braid? I’m wondering if you could do a hemmed top. Just continue knitting after the braid then do a bind off/hem combo on the WS. This video is on Facebook and not in English but I’m sure you can see how it’s done without the narration if you don’t speak her language.

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I think that would probably work! Great idea to try!

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Thanks, Jan. I needed a warm fuzzy even.
Now I’ve thought about it I might try this on something, someday.

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I’ve done hems on hats, but not socks. Seems like it would be a nice edge.