Pretty yarn! had to share =)

i just bought some Sensations Rainbow Boucle Yarn from joann’s (only $5 a skein!) and it got like 800+ yrds…one in pinks and one in a sorta periwinkles. i think i am gonna use the pink to make my nieces legwarmers… too cute =)

i think double stranding would be best. yay!

[color=indigo]VERY pretty yarn. I think that double-stranding would work out very nicely. It looks to be almost self-striping. Is it?



i think it would strip… probable very wide ones for legwarmers… or slimmer for a shawl/blankie ect… its a gradual shading… i am so excited woo hoo :yay:

:drool: that’s VERY pretty yarn :drool:

is it soft?
it looks Soft.

is verrrrrry fluffy and sooooooooft :rofl: i wanna roll up in it :heart:

Pretty!!! I :heart: variegated/multicolored yarn!!! It looks so cozy!

Yummy! :drool: I fell in love with the colours! :inlove:
I’m currently trying to think about something to knit with my boucle yarn, too (it’s a light-ish purple). I wanna make it into a scarf but it would just be kinda dull if I use stockinette only. But other kinds of stitches wouldn’t show up well, so… :shrug:

Legwarmers are great! I wonder if I’m gonna make mine into legwarmers instead? My mom doesn’t like it when it’s cold so maybe that would make mum happy :). She already has some legwarmers though :shrug: . But would you still tell me how yours turns out? Does Boucle legwarmers feel warm and comfortable on your feet? :thinking: Thanks a lot! :notworthy:

Once again, your boucle yarn is delicious :drool: :teehee:

I bought 2 skeins of this stuff in brown thinking it would make a cool looking afghan. I think it would but it would prob have to be all garter stitch and I don’t think I can face it. Any other ideas for this stuff besides scarves?

This yarn is real pretty and it does stripe in a beautiful subtle way. I used it to make this:

But I feel I really should warn you. This yarn does not keep its shape at all. It stretches out like no other yarn I have used, so whatever you make, I’d recommend something that will still look okay if it stretches some. A shawl is not bad, but I think legwarmers might not stay up for very long. Maybe if you did the ribbing in a different coordinating yarn?

mwedzi: that is a beautiful shawl! do you think i should strand it? maybe with an acrylic yarn…hmmmmm i will have to experiment. :eyebrow:
Aquaria i think blouce would feel great as legwarmers! i am making these for my almost 4 yr old niece… so softness was a definate factor in yarn choice…i will post pics and let you know how they turn out just keep your fingers crossed i don’t tangle it too badly … :teehee:

I’m iffy about boucle but the pretty colour changes won me over! Be careful when double-stranding that you consider how that may minimise/eliminate the colour gradations, especially if your niece is young I bet she’d love stronger gradations! Does look soft mmm…