Pretty tank pattern with dumbed down directions

Hi everyone, I think I have made pretty good progress and am almost finished a pretty cable knit scarf. I also made a lace scarf and other simple patterns with decreases and increases. I feel confident enough to tackle some of the tank tops I have seem but get confused when it comes to the directions. Does anyone know of a specific summer tank pattern that has a dumb ed down version of the directions?

You have all the techniques that you need and more: basic sts, increases, decreases, cables, lace. You can tackle any pattern! It’s always good to read through a pattern before you begin but don’t be put off by directions that aren’t immediately clear to you. Sometimes the pattern makes much more sense with the sts on the needles right in front of you than it ever will at first glance.
Here’s a basic tank but I’m sure you can find many more by searching sites like Pattern Central, Ravelry and others.
And you know where to come with questions, right?

I did have 2 summer tanks picked out and ordered the yarn along with the trial knit pic interchangeables so I can’t wait to get started.The directions did intimidate me a bit. I think you are right, once I see how the pattern progresses I will understand better. Hopefully my order comes in this week!