Pretty Sock Yarn! (ETA: Reinforce?)

hehe I’m so happy! I posted a week ago or so about wanting to find the perfect place online to buy great sock yarn. Well I ordered from (which someone suggested) and also an etsy seller (which someone else suggested). I both orders today and am absolutely in LOVE! More details on ravelry (as usual) but I wanted to post and show you.

Fly-Dyed Lace Wing Sock Not-So-Solid in Evergreen (546 yards!)

Fly-Dyed Lace Wing Sock Not-So-Solid in Crimson (546 yards, too!)

Fearless Fibers (Etsy seller) Superwash Merino Sock Wool (550 yards!!!)

Since I bought this yarn to make Monkey Socks for three friends (though I’ll have lots of pretty leftovers… teehee!) it really made me venture out into unknown colorways. I looove cool, rich colors, so I would probably have never chosen the red, and definitely not the yellow. But seeing and squeezing them makes me fall in love!

Yay for pretty yarn! And thanks for all your help guys :smiley:

Ooh yummy yarn! Thanks for sharing pics!

I love the lemon yarn its gorgeous x

Pretty!!!:inlove: I am sooooo jealous, can’t afford any pretty sock yarn atm.

Pretty yarn, lots of it, too.
What are monkey socks?

Monkey socks from

BTW, since these yarns are 100% merino, do you think I should reinforce the heel and toe? I’ve never done that before. Maybe I could just go down a needle size on those parts? Or maybe I won’t do anything (I usually don’t do anything)? But I usually have stuff with at least SOME nylon in it. Or it’s wool. Maybe merino would need a little something? Lemme know :slight_smile: