Pretty PO'ed Right Now

I’m so mad I could choke somebody. I wrote about it on my blog so won’t re-write the whole thing here. Just venting. grrrrrrr.

Ugh! I hate when things like this happen. I had my van broken into a few weeks ago. They didn’t take anything as I had cleaned it out the day before but all of my papers were dumped out of the glove box. People like that dance on my last nerve. I suggest knitting to feel better.

That really bites! :hair:

I’m so sorry someone slashed your tire - that’s really too bad that someone would do that. I’ve never had anything of mine broken into and I feel like that would be the ultimate invasion of privacy.
You saying you wish you had caught them in the act reminded me of when my father caught a couple of kids trashing our new car. We lived on a military base and there were a couple of boys in the “block” that were not well supervised (they once started a fire in their own home while left home alone). Anyway - One Sat morning my dad caught the 2 boys red handed in the car painting the interior with touch up paint from the glove box and scratches from them tyring to pry the door open. My mom called the base cops and dad’s inclination was to teach them both a lesson - as it was he held onto them both very tightly until the cops got there. Would you believe the parents tried to deny it and say the kids were watching cartoons !! HELLO

Yeah that’s teaching your kids a good lesson isn’t it? The parents should have been jailed or, better yet, publicly flogged.

Sorry about the bike.


Some people just totally suck. I mean, $25 for a new tire that could have been spent on yarn. Blah.

Even though you didn’t get the chance to beat him up, just reember that what goes around, comes around, my friend.

Why can’t people leave other people’s stuff alone!? I hate thieves and people that vandalize stuff.
This past week a group of thugs came through at 2am and set some of my neighbor’s garbage cans on fire. Nice way to wake up, with a fire truck out in front of your house and your neighbor’s garbage can engulfed.
I’ve also had a nice Christmas decoration stolen a few years back in another neighborhood. That really peeved me, we got it back, but the kid’s dad brought it back and left it on the side of our house. I think that frosted me more than the actual theft. To think some idiot thought he was doing his kid a favor by hiding him and then didn’t even have the decency to ring our bell and give it back to us himself.
Sorry your bike was vandalized, I’m sure you know this already but be on the lookout for more to come. :hug:

That’s rotten that people do that kind of stuff!
I wish someone caught whoever stole my old bike out of my parents’ garage.

Aww, Mason :hug: Sorry, this happened to you. I know you didn’t catch them in the act. But karma will seek justice on them for ya.

haha this reminds me of what a father did to his kids when they were caught stealing and the store got it on camara. He made both his girls stand at a very busy intersection holding a sign stating “I steal things” something along those lines. Punks like the individuals that did that to your bike were only thinking of self for sure and a good bottom kicking prob wouldn’t have hurt them lol :slight_smile: Anyway I am sorry to hear you got punked like that!

So sorry Dude, I hate when crap like that is done for no reason what so ever.
I once had a tire slashed for parking in a cleaned out spot after a snow storm. I was there for 10-15 min to unload groceries, then moved to my spot. The family that had cleaned out that spot came back HOURS later, and my tire was slashed the next morning. They never denied it, but never claimed credit either, just told me that I wold haveto learn how things are done in Philly (I had lived there for over 15 years)

I am sorry for your bikes delay in getting out for a ride


That totally sucks!

A couple years ago my dh’s car was in the driveway (mine in the garage) and we heard some noise so he turned on the outside light and 2 kids were trying to get in his car on the locked passenger side. Lucky for us it wasn’t the drivers side which was unlocked. A fairly new camcorder was sitting on the seat. He chased them down (only one way in/out) and caught one kid. I called the police and took him to jail. The kid was only 15-16 yo.

I’ve told my kids that if they ever do anything stupid like stealing, drugs, etc. and they are taken to jail they will spend the night(s) and do their community service plus make a public apology to whomever was the victim. Tough Love - has to work better than pretending it didn’t happen and will teach a valuable lesson.


My mother always told me that if I wound up in jail she wouldn’t post bail and I would have to stay there. I personally think that’s a good tact to take.

Sorry to hear about your tire. Something will come back around to who ever did it, and I don’t think it will be a good thing, their luck in life just dropped a few more degrees after that deed to you. (and then some people wonder why they never get ahead, go figure)

Sorry about your bike. That really sucks. The things some people do…

Years ago, my dad and some friends were wilderness backpacking. Their van was parked at the trailhead, about 10 miles down a dirt road. Some anti-environmental a**hole went to the trouble to drive all the way down there and slash the inside side wall on their tire.

Not all the way through, but just enough so they had a blowout once they hit highway speeds. Fortunately, it was a back one. The mechanic was suspicious because they were new, heavy duty tires, put it on the lift, and found that the front one had been slashed as well. He said they would have lost control, and all might have been killed, if the front one had gone out first.

Stay safe :hug:

Real caring type people huh?

People are nuts.

Sounds like you could use a laugh. Have you seen this site?

:rofl: Thanks

that really sucks. wtf is up with selfish people?!?!
sorry you have to deal with this, Mason.