Pretty Petal Socks FO

:smiley: I’m currently working on socks for my daughter’s Easter basket. These are Pretty Petal socks, knit with KnitPicks’ Essential sock yarn in green on size 1 addi’s. One done, one to go…should be a complete set in a day or 2 :wink:

Just lovely, as always, of course! :heart:

Was that YOU that someone called the sock queen? If so, I can see why! That is a terrific pattern.

WOW, nice pattern!!

:smiley: Thanks everyone :wink: I’m working on the other sock…trying to get ready for Easter basket as fast as I can :wink:

Beautiful pattern! And, I love that shade of green. Those will be gorgeous!

That is soooo pretty!

:smiley: Ahhh…thanks, ya’ll…thank you, very much :wink: Hope to finish sock #2 today…knittin’ as fast as I can…LOL, I was able to knit heel flap & turn the heel while Lonnie was practicing for church this a.m. :wink:

It’s beatimous! :inlove: I hope to be able to knit socks like that one day

Holly :XX:

:smiley: Thank you, Holly, I am certain that you can knit socks like this…if I can, you can :wink:

Wow! They are gorgeous!!!

Very pretty, Rebecca!

Looking great so far!

:smiley: Thanks so much! Ya’ll have made my Monday morning :wink:

Yes! those are lovely! I am sure she will love them to death

:smiley: Thanks, everyone! I have completed the 2nd Pretty Petal sock for my Baby and am about to cast on for the 2nd pair, using Simple Stripes in Snapdragon, I think I will do a chevron design…or Jaywalker socks or… :?? :thinking: I’m not 100% sure which pattern I will use :wink:

WOW! Those socks are AMAZING!!! :thumbsup:

Hey Becca! those are fancy schmancy… look a lot better than the lace pattern I’m working on. Funny, I didn’t knit yesterday and I was CRAZY TO KNIT this morning!!! socks socks and more socks…

Those are great! I love that pattern!

:smiley: Thank you all so very, very much!! Vic, what are u working on? I love lace & I love socks…I love lace socks :smiley: ! I knit a quick socklette last night, but didn’t have the correct yarn, I used KnitPicks’ Dancing and I’m afraid I had to :frog: :frog: :frog: …it was a horrid creature :roflhard: !!! I decided to get the right yarn, then give it another go :smiley: So, I’m about to do what I should have done last night…cast on for the chevron socks :wink: