Presenting.. a finished knitted item: A BABY HAT

The colorway is perfect for a baby, or a box of Kleenex, congratulations!

This is gorgeous, love the colors!

Cute. I love the color.

What pattern? :wink: :roflhard:

I just cast on… some stitches and kept adding more until it looked as long as I thought a hat should look for a baby about 6 months old (the baby will be born this spring- and I wanted something for its first winter)… so, I ended up casting on 60 stitches and then knitted it about 4 inches in the round…
Then, I thought… oh heck… I should add another couple of rounds of knitting… and then, I started decreasing… I did it every 6th stitch… but, shhh don’t tell anyone… at one point… I must have miscounted (I did have to get up for some water and answer the phone one time) and one of the decreases was 8 stitches … and was just a little wider than the others were… but, you know what?

IT doesn’t really show… I didn’t even notice it… until I was almost finished… and it’s for a baby… they’ll be looking at how cute the sweet little thing is in his/her colorful warm wool hat w/ the green pompom on the top, right?
However, the decreases have a nice star pattern in red… and the final row was the beginning of a color change.
Thanks everyone… I’ll work on the little mittens and get them finished up. I’ll make some w/out the thumbs… just little hand ‘sacks’ attached w/ strings to run through the baby’s coat/etc… so, the mittens won’t be lost.

Awww… it’s an apple! That is so freaking cute!!! :inlove: :inlove:

Great job. That looks really well made, and in a nice pretty color. Rock on!

That is so cute. I love the colors, too!! Great job. :slight_smile:

I love the yarn, good colorway choice!:cheering:

It’s beautiful!! LOVE the colors!