Preparing a swatch

This is the first project I’ve needed to do a swatch on…geez right at the beginning and Im already stuck. This is the instruction for the swatch.

15 sts and 20 rows to 10cm over
stocking stitch using 6mm needle
after pressing sample in accordance
with ball band instructions.
Use larger or smaller needles if
necessary to obtain correct tension.
Note that the tension of the
rows must be correct.

My problem is this “after pressing sample in accordance
with ball band instructions”. What the? I’ve looked over the pattern and nowhere does it give the ball and band instructions. I also went to the website and nothing was there either. Does anyone know what I need to do here? I also have to do this with the FO.

Heres a link to the pattern.

I am guessing that you have to check the paper band your wool came in… it should give you the pressing instructions on it!!

Oh man, that is too obvious, thank you for pointing that out johnger. :hug: