Prepare for landing baby blanket

I’ve just finished this baby blanket in Plymouth Encore. Much fun to knit in lots of bright colors. The pattern is here:

That’s darling. Beautifully done.

That is SO fun!

its one of my goals to save my pennies, and go for a flight on our Lancaster Bomber here in town.

That sounds like fun. You have one at a field near you?

we do. One of only two lancasters in the world that are still flying. the other is in England.

Its at the heritage warplane museum. you can go up for an hours flight, takes you to Niagara Falls, and around Toronto.

$3,125 per person, if you want the cockpit, a bit less if you’re happy in the back.

If you google Rick Mercer Lancaster Bomber, you can see the TV segment he did about it.

So cute!!

what did you line that with ? It looks so soft and warm and cosy.

I couldn’t find any soft, light flannel in my local fabric store so I bought a light, fine wale corduroy. It’s not as interesting as a print but it seems to work.