I took Clear Blue all three of them and all three POS. I am PREGO!!! I have spent the past few days crying! My husband and i live in a VERY VERY old mobil home wiith 2 very small rooms in it, the kitchen is smaller than my bathroom lol, and we have to step over crap because we have no room here. Now that i am prego i can get food stamps, health ins.,WICC, and MAYBE some financial help I HOPE!!! I am talking to my husband about low income housing for a few years till we can get on our toes. I pray he will think about it!!! We really really really need out of this place! So wish me luck, pray for me, and my family, and I got June 30th to see a Nurse, and maybe MAYBE … find out my due date and all that good stuff. There is a baby blanket i want soooooooooooooooooo bad ever since i saw it the first time i wanted it, but i am not patient enough to make it lol …So oh well lol. I am going to make hats and booties and crochet a blanket i guess. Oh Vegas SUCKED by the way lol…I almost for got to add that lol. Hope everyone is well, and talk to you all later!

Vanessa :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I am IN LOVE with this baby blanket!!!
I would use Bernat soft yarn…or the baby yarn thats real soft!!! NO COTTON…I like the cheap yarn lol go figure huh lol haa haa .

Vanessa :inlove: :happydance: :cheering: :inlove:

Wow! :happydance:

That is a beautiful blanket. Maybe if you start now it will be ready in time???

Congratulations on your pregnancy :heart:

I tried to start it and i messed it up BAD so i decided to just droll over it lol. I am still learning A LOT, and that blanket is a little to hard for me right now. So I am sticking with hats and botties and easy stuff.Thank you!!!

Vanessa :inlove: :happydance: :cheering: :inlove: :heart: :heart:

:heart: congratulations!!! :heart:

Congratulations!!! Very exciting time ahead for you. Enjoy it.

Congratulations!!! :heart:

Congratulations! Babies don’t need much besides lots of love, really. If you breastfeed that will save tons of money on formula and studies show that breastfed babies are healthier, so that could help in the doctor bill department. I used cloth diapers for my first baby since we didn’t have lots of money for disposables. All the baby paraphenalia like swings and such are really not necessary anyway. Is there a La Leche League in your area? They can give you TONS of support not only about breastfeeding, but in terms of mothering in general - just having a network of other moms who understand is sooooo worth it.

:balloons:[size=6][color=red]Congratulations Vanessa!! [/color][/size]

I agree with Kimmie on the breastfeeding! :thumbsup: Also, I bet you can get a ton of great free stuff you need from, if there’s a group in your area, or in a nearby area.

I don’t know if you’ll necessarily be better off financially, but if you think a child will bring joy to your life then that’s a great thing. I wish you the best!

xoxo Amy

oooh yeah! I agree with Kimmi too on the breastfeeding and i know people are reeeeeeally put off with the idea of cloth diapers when they first think about it but they do seriously save a lot of money and woo hooo for the environment that can’t process diapers! And they are so much better than the chemicals that are in the disposables!

she’s right…all the other stuff is just extra!



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:cheering: :cheering: Congratulations on the baby, Vanessa!!



If you decide to use cloth diapers, you can knit soakers too! :smiley:

okay, this dates me…lol…I remember changing my nephews cloth diapers when they were babies (they r both married, 1 with 2 children…lol) and a cloth baby diaper is the softest fabric in the world. Of course, it needs to be for the precious baby bottoms!
Vanessa, I know you are scared. But you are so blessed! Focus on the good things in life, my friend. I’m right here if u need me :wink:

Congrats! I just heard on the news last night (local) that breastfeeding may increase an IQ by 20 points. Who knows? Lots of benefits if it works for you. :smiley:

Congratulations, honey! Everything will be okay. Ask your health care provider for information about assistance for low income families in your area. Look into WIC now, because I believe that they provide services to pregnant women. Babies are wonderful! :heart:

Congratulations Vanessa!!!

:balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons:

By the way- I love your icon!!!

yeah you :balloons: :cheering: Ditto on breastfeeding and alla that. And Thank goodness for goodwill! NEVER buy cloths or anything for a baby at a regular store. they just throw up on it anyway. And lota rich people give away baby things to goodwill cuz they don’t match or some crap and they’re perfectlly good, brand new stuff. That’s how it is at my goodwill. You want me to get you anything from here, let me know. We’re here for you, we won’t let anything go wrong. :heart:

How are you doing?? I hope you are feeling okay.