Pregnant Knitter Panic

Hi there,

I am 10 weeks pregnant and find that knitting makes me feel nauseas and dizzy, not to mention the fact that I am so daft now, that I can barely remember my own name. :ick:

I have little interest in it right now, I can even walk through a yarn store without buying anything! :pout:

Has anyone else been through this? I will want to knit later right? it will come back, right?

I had the same problem during my first trimester. It will get better, I promise!

EVERYTHING gets all wonky during your first trimester- don’t worry, in 2-3 weeks you’ll be feeling much better. :slight_smile: And you should enjoy it, because shortly after that you feel like a beached whale! :slight_smile:

I think everyone here who’s been pregnant has had this problem so you’re not alone.

It’s got to be the repetitive nature of knitting or the feel of the yarn through your fingers or something. I wasn’t knitting when I was pregnant, but certain smells or the feel of things bothered me.

Ah, yes! I couldn’t knit my entire first trimester, I got nauseated every time I tried. It really sucked since I was on bedrest for part of the time (because of bleeding) and I wanted to keep myself busy, but couldn’t knit.

It passed after I got into my second trimester. :hug:

I feel the same way after polishing off a 12 pack. :??

:roflhard: oh Mason! :roflhard:

With both DDs I totally went off reading…those pg hormones wreak havoc with you system – hang in there! It usually gets more normal in the 2nd trimester, or post baby!

Congrats too!!

Thanks everyone for your replies!

It’s comforting to know that this seems normal! And Masn, that was too cute :roflhard:

I feel better now :wink:

i couldn’t knit a stitch the whole time i was pregnant. i just couldn’t sit down and do it for more then a minute or two. like i couldn’t concentrate on that long enough. i made myself knit DS a hat, but it took FOREVER! (and it ended up being too small for his big old noggin!)
so i think when DS was 8 months old, it was like i rediscovered my love of knitting. it’s been crazy since.

Well, I hadn’t learned to knit when I was pregnant with the girls, but I did have wretched “all-dang-day” sickness, so I can understand. Eventually it’ll end. :hug:

If you’re really feeling withdrawal symptoms and want to knit, try eating first (something bland but filling) It really helped me while pregnant to always have something in my tummy (food, I mean!) Now that I’m all done being pregnant (my youngest is 2) I still use the same trick when going on car rides. If I don’t have any food in my stomach, I get carsick.

I had that “prego-brain” issue too, twice. I now call it mama-brain :wink:

Hang it there, it will get better. :hug:

Oh, and Congratulations. :slight_smile:

:roflhard: :rofl: Mason, you always make my day.

Oh, thank goodness I don’t seem to have this problem. I’m 9 weeks pregnant, and can still knit… I was awfully sick with my first for the whole 9 months, and I’m not at all with this pregnancy, so i wonder sometimes, if there is a child in there at all!! Maybe it’s a sign that I’ll have an awfully accommodating, easygoing, quiet child, but I’m not counting on that!!