Pregnancy brain is killing my socks!

OMG can’t say as though I’ve ever believed my friends when they tell me about their pregnancy brains, but I am now a firm believer. I don’t really know if it is pregnancy or lack of sleep, but I have been trying to turn the heel on my socks for weeks (and this is not my first pair of socks). I had to resort to pulling out my directions at Knit Nite this week and even then I was just staring pitifully at them so the nice LYS owner came over and sat next to me and was walking me through …she left for 5min and I #(&@#) it all up. She had to get new needles and pull them off, frog back and then put them back on for me (I do magic loop two at a time). All stitches are now picked-up, thank you LYS owner, and I need to work the gusset but I am scared to touch them !!!

Yup, pregnancy brain is certainly real. :slight_smile: My youngest is now 20 but I still remember. Kinda like menopausal brain I’m experiencing now. LOL Glad you had help getting them straight. I know it’s very frustrating!

My youngest is 15, but I don’t ever think you forget the “Fog of Pregnancy”. The closest men get to it is war. I did my first blanket when I was pregnant with my third, my first daughter and after two boys I was desperate for a girl, so everything I wore was pink, touched was pink… you get the idea. When I went to putting in the blue accents into the blanket, I would completely lose my mind. I’m only amazed that I managed to finish the blanket before she was born.

And I will be honest, the next two years don’t get any better as sleep deprivation will candy coat the true horrors of parenthood. I look back fondly now, knowing I forget the exhaustion, mind-numbing boredom and sheer energy draining demands that come with a baby. One baby. I still stare at my sister in amazement for having twins at 36.

:shock: Yikes, Angela.

So glad you got it fixed…it is soo real :rofl: