Preferred yarn weight

so i’ve been noticing a trend in designer patterns and on a number of knitting podcasts: a big love for smaller weight yarn; fingering, sockweight, sport and DK. there’s some mention of worsted (usually light worsted), but there’s not a lot of mention of laceweight or bulkies.

after my admittedly limited time knitting, i’m preferring the smaller weights as well.

but it got me wondering, what do others on here use most often?

I like the look and feel of fingering, but the thought of making a whole sweater with it is daunting! Mostly I guess I’d say I use DK or worsted. Just finished a fingering weight scarf though.

Agree with Jan on the sweater unless it’s for a very small child, maybe a premie sweater even. I do have a lot of dk weight yarn and like using it. I’m good with worsted weight too. I’ve used bulky stuff and like it. I’m not too picky as long as it works well for what I’m making. If it works is what I care about.

I tend to be working in heavier weights because of my charity knitting (and my desire to complete things quickly!) but I do find when I’m designing I lean toward the lighter yarns. And I live in a warmer climate so tend to prefer to make lighter stuff for myself as well.

Sometimes it’s because of the drape required for the item. Sometimes it’s because the stitch pattern repeat I’ve come up with just won’t fit within the number of stitches you would use in a heavier yarn. For many people, it’s about what will actually sell in patterns, which in recent years is light lacy shawls and socks.

Add to that the fact that more and more, the interesting yarns from indie dyers tend toward sockweight. They’ll only have one or two in worsted or bulky weights and six in sock.

I only use worsted and above. My projects are 99% afghans, baby blankets and prayer shawls. If I do use a sport yarn, I’ll use 2 strands together on a size 11 needle.


I love DK yarn. It’s so universal, can knit many things from it.

i’m definitely in the fingering/sport/dk, and better fiber, camp now. but still have sooooo much worsted acrylic to use up… charity hats!

while out errand-ing and gadding about town this morning, picked up 3 more skeins at big lots. nice multi-fiber sport/dk in a tweedy purple. thinking a hat and wristers for my aunt cathi, at some point before deep fall sets in.