Preferred baby blanket size?

As a follow up to Irishknitter, I am looking to knit for a few expecting friends.

I love the idea of knitting blankies… but am not sure of the preferred blanket size. I just finished my first project and the blanket is 36 wide by 32 long. It took a bit of time and seems like perfect one for “the fancy going out” concept.

But how bout just the day to day carseat, stroller type blankie?

Any mom’s out there willing to give me their feedback on the dimensions of your favorite knitted blankie.

I was going to go 24x24 but thought maybe the family will think it was a mistake?

Thanks very much!

I think 24 x 24 would be fine. I just got a small carseat blanket at my baby shower and that seems like it’s about the right size…I don’t have the blanket nearby or a measuring tape so I can’t say for sure…

this is what i tend to go by:

Blanket Sizes (approximate)
Small Preemie: 18" - 20" square
Medium Preemie: 20" - 22" square
Large Preemie: 22" - 28" square
Full Term Baby: 28" - 36" square

(taken from here:

I preferred 36x36 and used them almost exclusively. I didn’t care for rectangled ones at all till the child was older. They were much harder to swaddle a baby in.

I’m knitting a Car seat/carry cot cover at the moment for a friend.

The advise I’ve had from a mom who also knits was to measure the size of you pillow and knit to that.

A pillow is too bit to fit into the carseat - but that size allows for tucking in and folding down.

I appreciate your replys.

I think my next will be the car seat/carrier so I can get it done before the baby is born :cheering:

And then let them know its purpose (I am sending these out so I will include a note).

I was concerned if it was smaller they would think I didn’t know how to measure or something :roflhard: