Well I am going to finish my first hat soon and am not sure which finishing technique would be best between knitting on two circs or using magic loop wondering what you guys would suggest and your preference…:shrug:

Also my favorite size to knit with is Us size 8 wondering your preferences:happydance::rollseyes:

I like Magic Loop, but I’ve also been using dpns lately and loved it. I recently knit a hat and it was on size 6 :slight_smile:

It’s really entirely up to what you prefer! If your circulars are not hugely flexible at the cord, you might prefer 2 circs to magic loop, but unless I had a terribly short and inflexible circular, I wouldn’t actually bother to buy a second circular for this.
Needle size for me depends on the wool.

It’s a personal decision, but I prefer DPNs now that I know how to use them. I started with Magic Loop, but it took me longer because I had to switch so much, but with DPNs I just go around and around. :wink: