Preference in Needles?

I am new to knitting and would like to know what other knitters prefer to use in brands and types of needles- aka- bamboo, etc.? Thanks! xxx


My peronal preference is for resin (plastic like) needles. i tried metal at first and IMHO they were too slippery and did not “give” with the yarn when I was knitting. I tried bamboo and they are good for beginners b/c the yarn doesn’t move much on them… but as you pick up speed they seemed a little tedious to work with. At the home page there is a link about INTERCHANGEABLE SETS OF NEEDLES. these explain alot about why these are such a good idea.
But as a beginner I would stick with resin and not metal… ALTHOUGH EACH KNITTER WILL HAVE A PREFERENCE FOR ONE OVER THE OTHER… part of the fun is finding out what YOU like~! :happydance: :cheering:

Everybody has a different preference. How long have you been knitting? If you’ve done a bit, what kind of size needle and what needles have you been using?
I would say buy whatever’s cheapest until you know what kind you want. That will probably be plastic. If you find them too slippery, you may be a loose knitter, and are likely to prefer wooden or bamboo meedles.
If you find them too sticky/not slippery enough, you probably knit tightly, and are likely to find metal needles better.

But rather than fix your gauge quirks with changing needles, I recommend you focus on knitting more averagely - if you are a tight knitter, try to loosen up, etc. You will really be glad in the long run.
Then next time needles are on sale, buy your favourite size in both metal and bamboo/wood, knit a bit with each and see which you prefer.


P.S. I prefer metal/anything with a very pointy tip.

my knitpicks options interchangables. i am sooooooooooo in love! :heart:

I adore my Boye NeedleMaster kit and knit everything with them. I also started on aluminum, so I’m used to the slip factor. Everyone has their own preference.

I’d pick up some cheepies in different materials, or if you can play around in your LYS even better (and cheaper!) and see which you like and which you don’t before investing time and money.

When I first started knitting, I liked the bamboo needles because they weren’t slippery and I didn’t have to worry about dropping stitches.

Now that I’ve been knitting for a while, I :heart: my KnitPicks Options.
look here
The needles are interchangeable so you buy tips and cables and screw them together. wonderful…

IMHO, if you’re new to knitting stick with bamboo until you get used to the needles, metal needles can be too slippery for the novice. Once you get more confident and you want to move faster, go for the Options. They are wonderful :heart: :heart: :heart: You get the speed of the Addis at a fraction of the cost.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Another vote for Options.

I am a beginner as well. I have a pair of wooden needles, and another pair of the Boye aluminum which I picked up at JoAnn/Michaels. I actually prefer the aluminum because of the slide factor. It seemed like when I was knitting with the wooden needles, the yarn would bunch up and it would be hard to move it up/down the needle and I’d be pulling at it. :-x

But, I know of 2 other women who are in my knitting classes, beginners like me, who are using bamboo, as well as wood.

As redwitch & VickyS456 said, go out and buy some cheap pairs and find what you’re comfortable working with, that’s how I am working it now. Just always make sure to hang on to the yarn you’re working and it shouldn’t slip!

it depends on the yarn and project for me… i :heart: my bamboo dpns with my cotton yarn for my sisters hat. resin works great with slippery acrylics, and i like my metal with my wool. it took me a while to figure that out though. i like how light the bamboo one are too!

Thank you all for your help. I will see what happens tomorrow at my fist lesson at my LYS.

I’ll also ask the instructor what she prefers for begining knitters.

So far, I am only familiar with the knit and purl stitch, and I have been using size 4 or 6 (unsure) knitting needles.

I am taking lessons to learn more since I am a very visual learner amd it is hard for me to decipher the steps through the pictures.

I am new to the forum. I should probably have introduced myself earlier. I am happily married, I have three gorgeous cats- who are my darlings. I love to quilt and have recently picked up knitting. I enjoy it very much!
It is a pleasure to know there is forum where I can ask NEWBIE questions.
Again, thank you and Cheers!!! :star:

Hi Faith!!! I think I know you from QA! You’ll love this site!! It has so much info and all the people are really nice! I recently got back into knitting and am really enjoying it!

On needles, it seems to be a personal choice – I personally like metal ones but I learned to knit on those – I like the clicking and coolness and movement/slip of them. I’ve been told newbies often do well with bamboo – light, inexpensive and not so slippery. I am intrigued with the options and addis as people seem to rave about them. If I didn’t already have alot of needles, I’d seriously look at the interchangable sets.

Interchangeable sets contain several cables, along with needles of various sizes that can be attached to the cables to make circulars of any size. They’re a sizeable investment for a beginner, and many knitters won’t need such a range of size and cable lengths. Circular needles can be used like straights to knit flat, or in the round normally, or smaller diameters in Magic Loop or with two circulars. They are FAR cheaper than buying all the circulars in needle size and cable length. But many beginners will be happy with just a few sizes and may never progress to knitting the wide range of projects that require such a range of needles. If you come to knit many different projects requiring such a variety of needles, and if you don’t mind knitting flat on circulars (some do, some prefer circs), they may be a good option.
People who prefer bamboo/wood will tell you they are easier to knit with because stitches don’t fall off the needle. Others who prefer metal will say they are the easiest to use because stitches don’t get stuck on the needle, but this preference depends on how you knit. That’s why I say get some cheap ones and buy others later depending on whether you find the cheap plastics too slippery or not slippery enough.
You’ve seen the videos yeah? They’re a big help compared to pictures.
So go with your own instincts, it’s impossible for us to tell you what type you will find easiest.


I love my Denise needles. But I prefer bamboo to metal for anything I can’t do with the Denise’s. Bamboo DPN’s for sure for socks.