Preemie twin sweaters

I was cleaning the house the other day and found some notes I scribbled of changes I made in a baby sweater pattern I worked up a few months ago. I couldn’t throw them away until I wrote them out more legibly. :slight_smile: That of course led to making one up to see what I meant, and that lead to another one. A friend of mine has a friend who had a baby girl and boy I can give them to if I hurry. Altogether it only took me about 3 days to make both of them.

They are made of one 6 oz skein of RH, a Super Saver. I had a little left over even.

You can guess if I got the house cleaned up. :lol:


Y clean the house when you can Knit??? LOL!! :slight_smile:

Aww they are so cute! I’m sure your friends friend will love them!

They remind me of a pattern I bought and never did…I think it was an Artyarn pattern and the sweaters on the front were red.
I’ll have to dig it out!

Hmm, now I won’t get my house clean!


:yay: very cute!!

They’re so sweet! Great job!!!

Cute little sweaters! :cheering:
I’m impressed with the speed in which you made them. Nice backdrop, too.

Precious! I love them!

oh they are so cute. Good job.

So cute xx

Those little sweaters are so precious. How are the babens doing?

Aaaw, so cute!!

You knit those in 3 days!? Holy cow, great job. Those are adorable sweaters.

Thanks Debkcs. I don’t know the babies, and have never seen them, but the report I hear is that they are doing well and weigh about 5 pounds each.

sweet sweaters:)