Preemie sweater- HELP!

I’m doing this pattern:
and at row 6, it says:
[FONT=Times New Roman]R6: (RS) k3, *inc1, k1, repeat from * across row, ending inc 1 st, k3 (47 sts)[/FONT]
and what I did was k3, m1B (from Amy’s video), k1, m1B, k1… until the end, then k the last 3 sts. But then I had a ton of sts, way more than 47.
:waah: What did I do wrong??:waah: Please help!

Also, one more thing:
Instead of putting the sts for the sleeve onto straight needles and knitting flat, could I transfer them to DPNs, and work in the round so I don’t have to seam? :think:

It probably wants you to work a kfb for the increase, since that will use up a stitch.

(Your link didn’t go to the sweater pattern.)

As for the sleeve, you absolutely can use dpns–so much better!

Your link is missing a character, it’s -

Starting with 34 sts, working on the next five rows…

“[FONT=Times New Roman]R6: (RS) k3, *inc1, k1, repeat from * across row, ending inc 1 st, k3 (47 sts)”[/FONT]

Could be the increase that should be used is kfb which uses a stitch instead of putting the inc between sts. In which case, that would work out to 47 sts. So kfb, k1, kfb, k1, etc.

(Sorry the link didn’t work, must have copied wrong :doh: )
Since the pattern didn’t specify HOW to increase, I just used the one I knew best… kfb makes much better sense (why don’t they just SAY kfb??)
Gonna go work on the sweater now! Thanks again!

For a long time, many patterns always used kfb for an increase. Now you find a lot of people use make 1 to indicate an increase though they don’t really mean the M1 inc. So it’s very individual. But it would be a lot more clear if pattern writers specified which inc they mean. You could email the site owner (there on the page I linked to where it says “Problems with this site please contact The Webmaster”) and let her know that the instructions are somewhat ambiguous and confusing.