Preemie Project

Hi I was wondering if anyone would be interested in making one or some hat and bootie sets? Or even just a hat or pair of booties. They are very small and will not take much time but can help soo much! I belong to an organization called Preemie Project and I need a little bit of help to pick the organization up off the ground :rollseyes: If anyone could help it would be appreciated very much… we are also accepting squares 6x6 inches to make blankets. So far 9 people are helping from KH :thumbsup:
Thanks guys :cheering: The only stipulation is it has to be soft yarn because they have delicate skin. Simply soft, caron pound of love, or bernat softee are great. Just let me know if anyone is interested in helping

You already have a thread about this… :?? :thinking:

I will definitely help when I get a chance. I’m making a sweater for a kids charity right now, but will make some squares for you soon, too. (I already got your PM about it. ;))

oh yea :doh: :wink: Thanks for reminding me he he