Preemie hats

I made these from the top of my head :slight_smile:
I may add the patterns for them in our charities newsletters. They look cute in person :wink:

They are adorable:)

Awww those are really cute!

You did a wonderful job! Wow! And you free-handed! :inlove:

Natalie, I actually design infant clothes :slight_smile: I didn’t used to do this trust me. It wasn’t until I started the charity that I just picked up the needles and almost every pattern just came to my mind. :yay: I drew it out on paper (literally) and then as I knit a row I wrote it out, step by step :wink: Then I would type it out and bam, share it.
I always try and have at least one pattern in each of our newsletters. I am known for making burial gowns for infants that have passed away. You can see some of my gowns on our website. They look prettier in person then in the pics :cheering:

Anyway God bless you and thank you! Mary

I especially like the white one! Both are really cute though, you do nice work!


Your so sweet. Hats to me are the easiest things to design as long as you know the amout of stitches and how to decrease. :muah: Thank you for your comments :thumbsup:

:inlove: to cute!!

They look cute from here too! Some mother and father (and baby!!) will appreciate these more than you know!

These are beautiful and will no doubt be very appreciated. Your talent is amazing! :muah:

Nice job on the designs. Cute hats!

they are so cute. i especially like the white one!

They look cute in the picture too!